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“Debate over efficacy of sanctions continues”

“Debate over efficacy of sanctions continues”
February 10 & 11, 2010
     Amidst efforts to gain support for new UNSC sanctions against Iran, the US has imposed new unilateral sanctions targeting Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) (Al Jazeera). However, Ulrike Putz believes Iran’s decision to enrich its LEU is the latest demonstration of a long pattern of Iranian “indifference” to threats of sanctions. Citing a Brookings Institution article from last September, Putz argues that economic growth and rising living standards in Iran over the past 10 years render sanctions ineffective for pressuring the regime’s leaders. Putz adds that sanctions such as a gasoline boycott are unlikely to be effective due to the need for Chinese support (Spiegel).
     Mark Dubowitz counters that sanctions are working to undermine Tehran’s domestic credibility on economic issues, citing a November letter by 60 Iranian economists criticizing the regime for “[scaring] off” foreign investment and causing “heavy damage” to the economy. Dubowitz argues that energy sanctions targeting Iran’s dependence on gasoline imports are part of a “comprehensive economic warfare strategy” that has had “some success” at weakening the IRGC and feeding public discontent against the regime (Foreign Policy).
Al Jazeera | Spiegel | Foreign Policy

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“Report: Iran officials observed North Korean nuclear and missile tests”

“Report: Iran officials observed North Korean nuclear and missile tests”
June 25, 2009
     Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun reports that 7 Iranian officials from the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Revolutionary Guards were observers during North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests conducted in April and May, respectively. According to an unnamed source, the Iranian officials also watched a North Korean patrol ship enter South Korean waters in early June, possibly to explore methods of infiltrating enemy ships, and met with senior North Korean officials to discuss strategies for negotiating with the US and other foreign powers. The Iranian embassy in Tokyo denies any technical cooperation on missile or nuclear technologies between Iran and North Korea.
Sankei Shimbun (Japanese source)