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“Arab analysts see Iran’s regional ambitions behind Syria-Iraq feud”

“Arab analysts see Iran’s regional ambitions behind Syria-Iraq feud”
September 1-8, 2009
     Several Arab analysts believe that Iran is pleased by the ongoing feud between Iraq and Syria. Tariq Alhomayed suggests Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s escalatory rhetoric against Damascus may be part of an Iranian effort to punish Damascus for indicating a readiness to improve relations with the US and Israel (Asharq Alawsat). Alhomayed also writes that Tehran’s main regional priority is now controlling Iraq even at the expense of “losing” Damascus to the US or Egypt (Asharq Alawsat (2)). Marc Lynch also notes similar analyses by other Arab analysts and argues that it is too early to say that recent US outreach to Syria has failed (Foreign Policy). Mostafa Zein writes that Damascus opposes Tehran’s plans to dominate Iraq (Dar Al Hayat).
     Iranian official Saeed Jalili, who also serves as Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, stated that Tehran was determined to mediate between its two “friends” (Tehran Times).
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