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“US hopes to add India-Iran trade ties to arsenal against Tehran”

“US hopes to add India-Iran trade ties to arsenal against Tehran”
July 17 & 18, 2009
     As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits India, the New York Times urges New Delhi to abandon its “pretensions to nonalignment” and cooperate with the US to prevent nuclear proliferation by states such as Iran. The editorial states that if progress is not made on the Iranian nuclear issue by the September deadline issued by the G8, New Delhi should exploit its strong trade ties with Tehran to help stop the latter’s nuclear program (New York Times).
     Howard LaFranchi reports that with India providing around 40% of Iran’s gas needs, Indian firms such as Reliance Industries are being targeted for sanctions by members of the US Congress hoping to hurt Iran’s economy. LaFranchi writes that while New Delhi could use its ties with the US, Iran and Israel to facilitate Iran-US talks, the Obama administration’s efforts to strengthen relations with New Delhi could clash with such congressional efforts (Christian Science Monitor).
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