“Critics doubtful of effectiveness, neutrality of Turkish mediation”

“Critics doubtful of effectiveness, neutrality of Turkish mediation”
February 11-17, 2010
     Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu visited Tehran on Tuesday in an effort to salvage the nuclear fuel swap deal. Hooshang Amirahmadi believes Ankara is the only stakeholder positioned to provide mediations in US-Iran relations, while William Lucas argues that Ankara is in a “no-lose” situation in terms of its credibility with both Tehran and Washington (Today’s Zaman).
     Semih Idiz disagrees, writing that Ankara risks isolation among its Western allies with its close ties to Tehran and expected abstention from any UNSC votes on sanctions. Idiz accuses Ankara of being an “advocate” of Tehran rather than a neutral broker and believes that deadlock on the fuel swap deal is limiting Ankara’s role to that of a messenger, rather than an effective mediator and consultant, between the West and Iran (Hurriyet).
     Turkey has been facing steady criticism for what some see as a shift toward an anti-Western “Islamist” foreign policy. Iran has indicated its willingness to conduct a fuel swap in Turkey, though it earlier rejected the need for third-party mediation on the nuclear issue.
Today’s Zaman | Hurriyet


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