Weekly roundup

Additional articles and reports from the past week
“Feb. 11: Victory for regime over Green Movement”
The Iranian regime stifled opposition protests and held large pro-government rallies on February 11, the 31st anniversary of the founding of the Islamic Republic (Al Jazeera, Informed Comment). The National Iranian American Council liveblogged the day’s developments (NIAC). Juan Cole believes the momentum is “now with the regime” (Informed Comment (2)), while Marc Lynch argues against expecting “regime change from below” in Iran (Marc Lynch).

“Turkey’s balancing act may soon face test on Iran” (Reuters)
Ibon Villelabeitia believes that a UNSC vote on sanctions against Iran will force Turkey to “take sides” on the Iranian nuclear issue despite its efforts to maintain ties with both Iran and the West.

“Serious Play: War Games Explore Options on Iran” (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
Jeffrey White and Loring White outline the results of three recent “war games” conducted by US and Western analysts to explore strategies for the Iranian nuclear issue. The authors argue that the results, which uniformly saw Iran undeterred in its nuclear efforts, indicate that the US must strongly support regime change and openly consider a military option.
See also our previous coverage (“Simulation results call for pressuring Iran through diplomacy, not sanctions”)

“Iran claims advancements in uranium enrichment, air defense”
Iran claims to have become a “threshold nuclear state” capable of enriching uranium to any level (MEMRI). Iran also announced it is developing an air defense system more sophisticated than the undelivered Russian S-300 system (Uskowi on Iran, RIA Novosti). The IAEA reportedly considers Iran’s recent enrichment activities, which were conducted in the absence of agency inspectors, as a technical violation of existing agreements (New York Times).


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