“Iran launches new missile as US expands Gulf missile defense”

“Iran launches new missile as US expands Gulf missile defense”
January 31-February 3, 2010
     Iran’s successful launch of the Kavoshgar-3 rocket (The National) comes amid growing tension with the US, which recently deployed new missile defense systems in the Persian Gulf. New land-based Patriot installations in Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE and Bahrain are designed to intercept short-range missiles, while Aegis cruisers will defend against medium-range missiles. Unnamed US officials say the purpose of the new systems is to deter Iran, reassure Arab states, and persuade Israel to hold off on military action against Iran (New York Times).
     While US officials argue the Arab states willingly accepted the defense systems due to increasing concern over Iran’s influence, Tehran countered that it has friendly relations with its neighbors and that the new defenses were aimed to create “a sense of Iran phobia” (Reuters, Al Jazeera). Meanwhile, a US test of a long-range missile defense system ended in failure. The target missile was designed to mimic a potential strike from Iran or North Korea (Reuters (2), Global Security Newswire).
The National | New York Times | Reuters | Al Jazeera | Reuters (2) | Global Security Newswire


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