“Tensions high between trading partners Iran and Germany”

“Tensions high between trading partners Iran and Germany”
January 21-28, 2010
     Germany is denying Iranian claims that two German diplomats were detained for involvement in protests in December. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said sanctions would be “the next step” for resolving the nuclear issue, even without the support of China and Russia, and German engineering giant Siemens announced it would not seek new contracts with Iran, though existing contracts will be fulfilled (New York Times).
     The Wall Street Journal hopes Germany, Iran’s largest European export partner, is ready to “do its part” in isolating Iran, pointing to recent controversies over German technology that may have been used in the Iranian regime’s domestic crackdown. The Journal points out that Italy is also now supporting sanctions after a scathing report on Italy’s commercial ties with Iran (Wall Street Journal).
     Reuters reports that German exports to Iran declined but less steeply than to other countries, and other German firms are still pursuing trade with Iran, particularly in the gas sector (Reuters). Last week, Iranian newspapers reported that an unnamed German firm had entered a $1.44-billion deal for gas-related technologies and know-how, though Iranian energy officials later denied the report (Tehran Times, AFP).
New York Times | Wall Street Journal | Reuters | Tehran Times | AFP

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