“Authenticity of leaked ‘nuclear trigger’ document debated”

“Authenticity of leaked ‘nuclear trigger’ document debated”
December 29-January 7, 2010
     Gareth Porter writes that the Iranian “nuclear trigger” document published last month by The Times are not authentic. According to former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, US intelligence has judged the document is a forgery. Porter adds that the documents published by The Times lack security markings and that some nuclear organizations have been misidentified (Asia Times). Times columnist Oliver Kamm explains that the published copy was a “retyped version of the relevant parts”, though the copy is described as a “document in full” in the original article (The Times).
     In a technical overview of the “nuclear trigger” document, ISIS (which assessed the document for the original Times article) writes that The Times’ source removed headings from the document to protect intelligence-sensitive information. Based on discussions with officials from unnamed governments, ISIS believes the source was “unlikely” to provide forged or tampered documents but encourages continued efforts by the IAEA and others to assess the document’s authenticity (ISIS).
     The debate has involved personal attacks, with Porter accusing The Times and other publications owned by Rupert Murdoch of having an “aggressively pro-Israeli slant” (IPS News), while Kamm dismisses Porter and Giraldi as fringe “apologists” for Iran who question the history of the Holocaust (The Times).
Asia Times | ISIS | IPS News | The Times


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