“Washington, Tehran both keeping door open for nuclear fuel deal”

“Washington, Tehran both keeping door open for nuclear fuel deal”
December 29-January 11, 2010
     A report by Laura Rozen indicates that neither the US nor Iran has given up on the uranium export deal, and one unnamed US source describes the question of whether the LEU will be exported in one or multiple batches as “just a logistical issue.” Rozen writes that Iran’s counterproposal to send its LEU to Turkey could lead to an agreement, potentially “in the very near future” (Politico). Tehran has also named Brazil and Japan among potential sites for the fuel swap and has stated it will enrich the uranium domestically unless its counterproposal is accepted within one month (Tehran Times).
     Washington is drawing discussion away from the need for harsh measures, such as gasoline sanctions or military action, and highlighting recent disruptions in Iran’s regime stability and nuclear program. One official states Iran will not be able to develop nuclear weapons for at least 18 months (Gary’s Choices, New York Times). US officials say that new sanctions will aim to force Tehran to the negotiating table, saying that “[s]anctions would not be an alternative to engagement.” The domestic unrest in Iran has raised US concerns about not harming Iranian citizens, and officials stress that sanctions would only target Iran’s leaders, particularly the Revolutionary Guards (Washington Post).
Politico | Tehran Times | Gary’s Choices | New York Times | Washington Post


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