“Expectations low for GCC role in resolving Iran nuclear issue”

“Expectations low for GCC role in resolving Iran nuclear issue”
December 15-17, 2009
     While the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) concluded their 30th summit by urging Iran and related parties to reach a diplomatic solution to the nuclear issue (Xinhua, Emirates News Agency), Nicole Stracke argues that the GCC lacks the unity and political leverage needed to affect Iran’s foreign policy, pointing out that previous Arab proposals for regional security structures and international uranium enrichment schemes have not been taken seriously by Iran. Stracke dismisses the GCC’s role in international negotiations as an effort by the GCC states to protect their own strategic interests in the event of a US-Iran deal (Khaleej Times).
      GCC efforts in the Iranian nuclear issue have included offering economic incentives to China and Russia to support sanctions against Iran [previously covered here], and some analysts have pointed out that the reluctance of GCC states to allow their territories to be used in a military campaign could complicate US pressure tactics against Iran (IPS).
Xinhua | Emirates News Agency | Khaleej Times | IPS


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