“Simulation results call for pressuring Iran through diplomacy, not sanctions”

“Simulation results call for pressuring Iran through diplomacy, not sanctions”
December 6 & 7, 2009
     A simulation game of developments in the Iranian nuclear issue over the next year resulted in Iran continuing its nuclear program with Chinese and Russian protection from US pressure. In the simulation, which featured former diplomats playing the roles of world leaders, unilateral US sanctions drove China and Russia, whose companies would be subject to such sanctions, to deal with Iran. US-Israel relations also deteriorated with the US hoping to contain, rather than prevent, a nuclear Iran and Israel refusing to provide assurances it would not attack Iran. In addition, Iran “will be divided and immobile [and] Europe will be weak” according to participant Nicholas Burns, further complicating diplomatic efforts over the next year (Washington Post).
     Gary Sick, who led the Iran team, concludes that US efforts to implement sanctions only divided allies and wasted time without seriously threatening Iran’s “core objectives” of developing its nuclear capacity and repressing internal dissent. Sick believes international efforts should focus instead on pressing Iran on nuclear transparency issues and calling Iran’s bluff on its “deceptive” offers toward diplomatic solutions. Sick also suggests taking up Iran’s offers on other regional issues to create working groups and improve the environment for resolving the nuclear issue (Politico).
Washington Post | Politico


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