“Questioning the ‘existential’ nature of the Iran threat”

“Questioning the ‘existential’ nature of the Iran threat”
December 2-4,2009
     Spiegel reports that Israel is preparing for an escalation of tensions with Iran, with some unnamed analysts predicting additional international sanctions in the spring of 2010 followed by air strikes in 2011. The report argues that while Iran remains confident that Israel would not risk an attack, Israeli officials are skeptical not only of Tehran’s willingness to negotiate but also the effectiveness of sanctions in stopping Iran’s nuclear program (Spiegel).
     Hillary Mann Leverett and Flynt Leverett write that Israel’s main concern is preserving its own regional monopoly on nuclear weapons and “unconstrained freedom of unilateral military action.” Arguing that neither the unresolved Middle East peace process nor Iran’s nuclear program pose “existential threats” to Israel, the Leveretts call for stronger efforts toward a regional nuclear-weapons-free-zone that includes Israel. The Leveretts argue that the US commitment to Israeli security does not include maintaining Israel’s “military hegemony” in the region (Foreign Policy).
Spiegel | Foreign Policy

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