“Outgoing ElBaradei toughens language, urges Iran to accept nuclear deal”

“Outgoing ElBaradei toughens language, urges Iran to accept nuclear deal”
November 25-27, 2009
     Analysts point out that IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei has toughened his language on Iran and may have “lost [his] patience” as he reaches the end of his term (Agence France-Presse). At his final IAEA meeting as Director General, ElBaradei declared that discussions with Iran on “outstanding issues” had reached a “dead end” and criticized Iran’s delayed declaration of the Fordow (Qom) facility. ElBaradei also expressed disappointment over Iran’s negative response to the uranium export deal [previously covered here], calling the deal a “unique opportunity” that “should be seized” (IAEA).
     In an interview, ElBaradei states that the West is unlikely to accept Iran’s demand for a simultaneous nuclear fuel swap but argues against sanctions and pressure. ElBaradei calls resolutions censuring Iran, such as the most recent P5+1-sponsored resolution passed by the IAEA Board of Governors [see the resolution here], “expressions of frustration” that will likely invite defiance rather than cooperation. On the Fordow site, ElBaradei suggests that the small size of the facility indicates it may be part of a network of covert sites (Reuters).
     Prior to the resolution’s passing, Iran’s IAEA ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh declared that the resolution would reduce Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA “to the minimum we are legally obliged” (Agence France-Presse (2)).
Agence France-Presse | IAEA | Reuters | Agence France-Presse (2)


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