“Uncertainty over how to assess secret IAEA report”

“Uncertainty over how to assess secret IAEA report”
November 5-9, 2009
     Christian Caryl accuses the New York Times of fear mongering with its coverage on a classified IAEA report, titled “Possible Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program” [previously covered here]. Outlining the string of leaks of the IAEA report starting in September, Caryl points out that the report is a “working document” and does not clarify whether Iran is still continuing its nuclear weapons programs. Caryl quotes analysts who believe the information is “historical” and simply confirms previously known information (Foreign Policy).
     One of the latest revelations from the IAEA report is that Iran may have experimented with “two-point implosion” technology for nuclear warheads. The technology would allow for smaller and simpler warheads that unnamed experts believe could fit onto Iran’s Shahab-3 missiles. The revelation has surprised Western analysts and raises questions of how Iran obtained the necessary technical knowledge, as details of the technology remain a secret in the US and UK (Guardian, BBC).
Foreign Policy | Guardian | BBC

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