“US analysts greet draft LEU agreement with caution”

“US analysts greet draft LEU agreement with caution”
October 21, 2009
     US analysts are responding to the draft uranium export deal with caution and skepticism. Michael Singh writes that while the deal [previously covered here] is a “bold and innovative” move by the US to test Iran’s peaceful intentions, it comes at the cost of legitimizing Iran’s uranium enrichment activities and demoralizing Iran’s opposition movement (Foreign Policy). Kristen Silverberg adds that the deal, if agreed to, would effectively prevent additional sanctions while Iran potentially remains able to speed up enrichment efforts by activating more centrifuges and any undeclared facilities (Foreign Policy (2)). Joshua Pollack calculates that Iran could recreate the uranium to be exported in less than half a year (Arms Control Wonk).
     Under the deal, drafted by the IAEA, 1,200 kg of Iran’s LEU would be shipped in bulk to Russia by the end of the year for further enrichment. To placate Iran’s hard line against France during negotiations, France’s role in preparing fuel rods would be considered optional (Guardian). Iran’s negotiator Ali Asghar Soltanieh emphasized that Russia is the main partner in the draft deal (Tehran Times).
Foreign Policy | Foreign Policy (2) | Arms Control Wonk | Guardian | Tehran Times


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