“Impact of Iran bombing on LEU agreement unclear after first day of talks”

“Impact of Iran bombing on LEU agreement unclear after first day of talks”
October 19-21, 2009
     IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei called the first day of talks between Iran, the IAEA, and Russia, France and the US “constructive” despite Iran’s refusal to negotiate with France on the proposed uranium export agreement [previously covered here]. Julian Borger points out that while an agreement between Iran and Russia remains in the works, Tehran’s push to limit both the amount and time spent outside Iran of the exported LEU would undermine the US and French intent of the proposed agreement (Guardian). Massimo Calabresi reports that the US has been negotiating the agreement with the other parties since June after learning through the IAEA that Iran required nuclear fuel for a research reactor. The US has pressed Russia to ensure that the source of the uranium for the agreement come from Iran’s stockpile (Time).
     Ahead of the talks, Iranian leaders accused the US, Britain and Pakistan of being involved in two suicide bombings near the Pakistani border that killed 7 IRGC commanders and over 30 others. The terrorist group Jundallah, which has reportedly received US support, claimed responsibility (New York Times). Kaveh L. Afrasiabi writes that strong suspicion in Tehran of US, British and Israeli complicity in the attacks could undermine recent confidence-building efforts and lead President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to take a harder line against the US (Asia Times Online).
Guardian | Time | New York Times | Asia Times Online


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