“Germany ’embarrassed’ over Iranian arms shipments to Syria”

“Germany ’embarrassed’ over Iranian arms shipments to Syria”
October 12-14, 2009
     Spiegel reports that US soldiers discovered containers of ammunition on a German ship traveling from Iran to Syria in what one unnamed German diplomat calls an “embarrassing affair” for Berlin. The US claims the shipment violated UNSC Resolution 1747 forbidding all arms shipments into and out of Iran, and investigators reportedly believe the ammunition was headed to Hezbollah or the Syrian army. Spiegel describes the incident as “potentially damaging to trans-Atlantic relations” (Spiegel). Berlin has often been criticized for its strong trade ties with Tehran [previously covered here and here].
     Amos Harel quotes an unnamed senior Israeli military source who says weapons are being smuggled to Hezbollah on a weekly basis in a system in which “Iran pays, Syria smuggles and Hezbollah receives.” The source cites a lack of international pressure on Syria to break off ties with Iran or cease its smuggling activities. Harel writes that Hezbollah’s arms buildup is part of an ongoing “secret war” between the West, Egypt and Israel against Iran and its allies (Haarez).
Spiegel | Haaretz


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