“P5+1 respect Iran’s nuclear rights with proposed enrichment agreement”

“P5+1 respect Iran’s nuclear rights with proposed enrichment agreement”
October 1 & 2, 2009
     Iran has agreed to allow inspectors into their Qom plant within 2 weeks and send up to 75% of its declared enriched uranium to Russia and France for further enrichment and conversion into fuel rods for medical research. Though the uranium agreement would reduce Iran’s ability to produce a nuclear weapon quickly and allow more time for negotiations, concern remains over Iran’s commitment to their agreements and whether Iran has any undeclared uranium stockpiles (New York Times). James Acton points out that Iran’s uranium could cause Russian centrifuges to crash if it is not sufficiently pure and speculates that such technical details, set to be discussed further on October 18, could prevent the initiative from being implemented (Arms Control Wonk).
     Mark Pyruz writes that the agreement, which would provide Iran with uranium enriched to 19.75%, implies that the West has accepted Iran’s right to enrich uranium and represents President Ahmadinejad’s first political victory in his second term (Uskowi in Iran). Press TV reports that France and Russia have responded positively to the deal (Press TV).
New York Times | Arms Control Wonk | Uskowi on Iran | Press TV


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