“Two secret reports highlight Iranian nuclear, missile threats ahead of Iran-P5+1 talks”

“Two secret reports highlight Iranian nuclear, missile threats ahead of Iran-P5+1 talks”
September 14-22, 2009
     Iran is displaying its long-range Sejil missiles along with its Shahab and Zelzal missiles at its “Week of Sacred Defense” parades commemorating the Iran-Iraq War (Fars News Agency, Uskowi on Iran). The display comes as reports in the US and Russia highlight advances in Iran’s nuclear and missile programs ahead of next month’s Iran-P5+1 talks.
     The Associated Press reports on a confidential IAEA assessment, titled “Possible Military Dimension of Iran’s Nuclear Program”, that states Iran has “sufficient information” to produce an implosion-type nuclear bomb and has worked on developing and testing technologies commonly used for nuclear warheads. The so-called “secret annex”, the subject of accusations of an IAEA cover-up [previously covered here], also states Iran will likely overcome problems with equipping its Shahab-3 missile with nuclear warheads and claims Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei endorsed the pursuit of a nuclear deterrent in 1984 (Associated Press). The IAEA continues to deny having any “concrete proof” of a nuclear weapons program in Iran (IAEA).
     In an earlier report, Geoffrey Forden describes unverified secret documents on Iran’s missile development program. Based on the documents, Forden concludes that Iran is working to develop long-range missiles, relying on assistance from Russia, China and North Korea to overcome problems and purchase production facilities. Detailing some of the technical issues of Iran’s Shahab, Safir and Sejil missiles, Forden calls for supply-side non-proliferation efforts to be strengthened to deal with the continuing spread of missile technology and ensure that signatory states abide by their commitments (Arms Control Wonk).
Fars News Agency | Uskowi on Iran | Associated Press | IAEA | Arms Control Wonk


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