“Iran-Venezuela cooperation covers nuclear development, banking”

“Iran-Venezuela cooperation covers nuclear development, banking”
September 8-15, 2009
     United Press International reports that the unannounced details of Iran-Venezuela security cooperation involve Iranian technical assistance for Venezuela’s military industries. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez also indicated bilateral ties could include “nuclear cooperation” in the future (United Press International), calling for the creation of a “nuclear village” in collaboration with Iran. France warned that while Venezuela had a right to peaceful nuclear energy, the use of Iranian technology would violate UNSC Resolution 1737 and other international sanctions (MercoPress). Chavez also announced that Venezuela has established an atomic energy commission with Russia to develop a peaceful nuclear program, although no concrete agreements have been made (Associated Press).
     New York District Attorney Robert Morgenthau recently stated that Iran is circumventing international sanctions and acquiring nuclear materials by channeling funds through Venezuelan banks, which are able to freely conduct US dollar transactions with US banks. Morgenthau states that assistance from Venezuelan banks “guarantees” continued nuclear and missile development in Iran and argues that “nobody is focused sufficiently on the threat of the Iran-Venezuela connection” (Global Financial Integrity).
United Press International | MercoPress | Associated Press | Global Financial Integrity


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