“Amano to inherit divided IAEA, ‘stalemate’ on Iran”

“Amano to inherit divided IAEA, ‘stalemate’ on Iran”
September 5-7, 2009
     In an address to the IAEA Board of Governors, IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei stated that there is “stalemate” on the Iranian nuclear issue and repeated long-standing calls for Iran to fully cooperate with the IAEA and implement the Additional Protocol [previously covered here]. ElBaradei also stressed that the IAEA has not withheld any evidence and argued that such accusations [previously covered here] are in violation of the IAEA statute (IAEA).
     Tamsin Carlisle describes incoming IAEA head Yukiya Amano of Japan as a “quiet diplomat” known for an interest in technical matters rather than political confrontations. Carlisle outlines some of the challenges facing Amano, which include overcoming the rift between developed and developing nations over access to nuclear energy, and suggests Amano could be a “powerful ally” for developing nations such as the UAE (The National). However, Dr. Shireen M. Mazari argues that the election of a Japanese diplomat has allowed the US to win back control of the IAEA, stating that South Africa’s Abdul Samad Minty would have maintained the IAEA’s independence on issues such as Iran (Pakistani Spectator).
IAEA | The National | Pakistani Spectator


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