“No signs of Iranian flexibility on nuclear program”

“No signs of Iranian flexibility on nuclear program”
September 2, 2009, Interview with George Perkovich
     In an interview, George Perkovich argues that while the US has made clear its desire to engage in nuclear talks, Iran has yet to demonstrate any willingness to negotiate and make compromises. Attributing recent indications of Iran’s readiness to resume talks to increased pressure from the P5+1 and decreased confidence on the Iranian side, Perkovich remains skeptical of Iran’s intentions and criticizes Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili for being uncooperative during past discussions. Regarding the IAEA’s report that Iran has reduced the number of active centrifuges [previously covered here], Perkovich believes the gesture was designed to enable China and Russia to withhold support for tougher measures against Iran.
     Perkovich opposes possible sanctions targeting Iran’s gasoline imports [previously covered here], reasoning that such measures would only allow Iran’s Revolutionary Guards to profit from smuggling, and strongly argues that any sanctions must be imposed by the UNSC in order to delegitimize Iran’s nuclear drive. Perkovich also calls for the US to ratify the CTBT as a measure to prevent any potential Iranian nuclear tests.
Council on Foreign Relations


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