“Report: North Korea also assisting Iran on plutonium reprocessing plant”

“Report: North Korea also assisting Iran on plutonium reprocessing plant”
August 27-31, 2009
     On August 14, the UAE seized a cargo ship destined for Iran that was carrying North Korean rocket launchers, detonators, and munitions for rocket-propelled grenades (Reuters). In an editorial, the UAE’s The National calls North Korea a “key supporter” of illicit nuclear programs, citing North Korea’s reported links to AQ Khan, the Syrian nuclear reactor destroyed by Israel in 2007, and the suspected nuclear program in Myanmar (The National). Donald Kirk wonders whether North Korea is continuing to ship missiles to Iran, pointing out that Iran has worked with North Korea on nuclear technologies before and is believed by some to be the biggest purchaser of North Korean weapons (Christian Science Monitor).
     In an earlier report, Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun writes that Iran has been receiving technical assistance from North Korea for over 2 years to build a reprocessing plant for producing plutonium. According to the report, which is based entirely on an unnamed source, Tehran has not yet decided to begin construction, but any such reprocessing plant would likely be built within a military base in order to avoid IAEA surveillance (Sankei Shimbun).
Reuters | The National | Christian Science Monitor | Sankei Shimbun (Japanese source)


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