“IAEA report could convince Russia, China to support sanctions”

“IAEA report could convince Russia, China to support sanctions”
August 29-31, 2009
     The P5+1 nations will hold high-level talks in Germany on Wednesday to discuss Iran’s nuclear program (Reuters) ahead of a ministerial meeting scheduled for later this month. Louis Charbonneau writes that the IAEA’s latest Iran report [previously covered here] will be central to Western efforts to convince Russia and China to approve a fourth round of UN sanctions against Iran. Some Western analysts are skeptical that Russia and China will change their positions despite the IAEA’s critical report, but French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner stated that he believes the sanctions will be accepted (Reuters (2)).
     In an analysis emphasizing instances of Iranian cooperation cited by the IAEA report, Howard LaFranchi writes that the report could complicate efforts to implement more sanctions. LaFranchi suggests that Iran may be hoping that its increased cooperation with IAEA inspectors at the Natanz enrichment site will prevent China and Russia from supporting sanctions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that if the UN is unable to pass new sanctions, a “coalition of the willing” could do so without a UNSC decision (Christian Science Monitor).
Reuters | Reuters (2) | Christian Science Monitor


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