“US, Israeli officials accuse IAEA of hiding evidence against Iran”

“US, Israeli officials accuse IAEA of hiding evidence against Iran”
August 19 & 20, 2009
     Barak Ravid reports that unnamed Western and Israeli officials are accusing the IAEA of censoring evidence indicating that Iran may be pursuing a military nuclear program. Officials from the US, France, Britain and Germany are pressuring IAEA head Mohammed ElBaradei to publish the information in the IAEA’s next quarterly Iran report. Israel is concerned that ElBaradei will become less responsive to their concerns on Iran ahead of the end of his term in December (Haaretz (1)). Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the top Republican in the US House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued a statement urging the IAEA to release all evidence on Iran’s nuclear activities and calling for domestic legislation to prevent the IAEA from using US funds to assist in Iran’s nuclear program (House Committee on Foreign Affairs).
     Yossi Melman accuses ElBaradei of excluding or downplaying incriminating evidence against Iran over the past 6 years, arguing that Israel, the US and Britain have been unwilling to share intelligence with the IAEA due to fears that ElBaradei would leak such information to Iran (Haaretz (2)). David Harris writes that such accusations are not uncommon before the IAEA’s quarterly Iran reports, arguing that the IAEA is working hard amidst pressure from various states. According to Shlomo Aronson, Israel believes ElBaradei wants to help Iran create a peaceful nuclear program and the IAEA may allow Iran to pursue a policy of nuclear ambiguity not unlike Israel’s. Harris adds that ElBaradei’s replacement, Yukiya Amano, has indicated he will adopt a similar line to his predecessor (Xinhua).
Haaretz (1) | House Committee on Foreign Affairs | Haaretz (2) | Xinhua


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