“US analysts pushing for soft overthrow of Iranian regime”

“US analysts pushing for soft overthrow of Iranian regime”
August 13-17, 2009
     Alexander Benard argues that the US should set aside talks on Iran’s nuclear program and initiate dialogue regarding human rights abuses in post-election Iran. Benard suggests that offers of incentives for steps to secure the civil rights of Iran’s citizens, such as a gradual lifting of sanctions, could undermine the Iranian government’s power regardless of whether such offers are accepted. Benard believes that while bilateral talks on the nuclear program would only allow Tehran to rally domestic support, a focus on human rights issues would strengthen Iran’s domestic opposition and help instigate regime change, which Benard argues is necessary for resolving the nuclear issue (Wall Street Journal).
     Henri Barkey also believes that US policy must pressure Tehran while supporting Iran’s opposition in the hopes of convincing a successor regime to abolish the nuclear program. Barkey adds that the US must rule out any military option against Iran’s nuclear facilities that would cause civilian casualties and help Tehran regain domestic support, and he argues that anti-missile technology should be deployed in the region to deter against any future Iranian nuclear weapon (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).
     Basij commander Hojjatoleslam Hossein Taeb warned Iranians that foreign enemies of Iran are attempting to instigate a “soft overthrow” of the regime by “raising doubt and suspicions” among Iran’s citizens (Fars News Agency).
Wall Street Journal | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | Fars News Agency


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