“Rumors of Saudi, US ‘green light’ for Israeli attack may pressure Tehran”

“Rumors of Saudi, US ‘green light’ for Israeli attack may pressure Tehran”
July 5-7, 2009
     Uzi Mahnaimi and Sarah Baxter report that Saudi Arabia has secretly agreed to allow Israel to use Saudi airspace in an airstrike on Iran’s nuclear sites. Although the two states have no formal diplomatic relations, Israeli intelligence chief Meir Dagan reportedly held secret talks with Saudi officials earlier this year (Times Online). The governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia have each denied the report. Wael Mahdi writes that Saudi analysts doubt the accuracy of the report, with one describing it as an Israel effort to create a “false message” of an Arab conspiracy against Iran and to measure Arab reactions to the possibility of a military strike. The analyst argues that such an attack would not be in Saudi Arabia’s interests (The National).
     Combined with comments by US Vice-President Joseph Biden indicating that the US would not prevent Israel from carrying out a strike on Iran, analysts in the US and the Middle East believe Washington is giving Jerusalem a “green light” to attack Iran (Foreign Policy, Washington Times). However, Laura Rozen suggests that Biden’s message may have been intended for Tehran rather than Jerusalem in order to pressure Iran’s leaders to respond to US engagement efforts (Foreign Policy (2)).
Times Online | The National | Foreign Policy | Washington Times | Foreign Policy (2)


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