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“Despite setbacks, Israel steps up anti-Iran campaign”

“Despite setbacks, Israel steps up anti-Iran campaign”
May 30-June 1, 2009
     Egypt has stated that it prioritizes resolving the Palestinian issue over concern regarding Iran’s nuclear program. Salah Nasrawi writes that Israel’s efforts to turn regional attention away from discussing a two-state solution and toward Iran’s nuclear program are not being supported by Arab states (Associated Press). Alon Pinkas believes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s emphasis on Iran may have backfired by enabling the US to the Iranian issue as a means to pressure Israel on the two-state solution (Newsweek).
     Barak Ravid reports that Israel’s Foreign Ministry has issued written instructions to diplomats for ways to “blacken Iran’s international reputation” ahead of the country’s upcoming presidential elections. Activities include organized demonstrations, mock stonings and hangings, and an aggressive media campaign to highlight human-rights violations in Iran (Haaretz).
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