“Sejil-2 reveals technical advancements, fuels Western fears”

“Sejil-2 reveals technical advancements, fuels Western fears”
May 21-25, 2009
     Many Western analysts believe Iran’s Sejil-2 missile test was a response to recent US-Israel security discussions and US-Russia arms control talks (Deutsche Welle, Time), although others see it as part of President Ahmadinejad’s campaign strategy ahead of next month’s presidential elections (New Europe, Guardian). Regarding the test’s technical significance, two-stage solid-fuel rockets such as the Sejil-2 are more mobile and easier to fuel than Iran’s previous liquid-fuel rockets and have increased flight range (Washington Post). Geoffrey Forden also points out that the test confirms there are development groups for both liquid-fuel and solid-fuel missiles, adding that unlike Iran’s Safir rocket, the Sejil-2 is almost entirely indigenously produced (Arms Control Wonk).
     Jeremy R. Hammond accuses Western media sources, including the Washington Post (see above) and the Times, of printing misleading articles suggesting Ahmadinejad explicitly stated the missiles could reach Israel and linked the tests to Iran’s nuclear program (Foreign Policy Journal). The Washington Post has corrected its report that Ahmadinejad made such links (see above), while the Times article is unavailable as of 0520 PST, May 25 (Times Online).
Deutsche Welle | Time | New Europe | Guardian | Washington Post | Arms Control Wonk | Foreign Policy Journal | Times Online


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