“Debating the role of the IAEA and nuclear inspections”

“Debating the role of the IAEA and nuclear inspections”
April 5 & 30, 2009
     In an interview, former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix suggests that calls for more IAEA inspections of Iran have been made in bad faith, stressing that an absence of a weapons program cannot be proven. Blix argues that Western approaches toward Iran have been condescending and counterproductive, adding that the failure to stop Iran’s enrichment program is not due to Chinese and Russian opposition to harsher sanctions (Foreign Policy). Luis E. Echavarri, a candidate for the post of IAEA chief, states that he would avoid political involvement in negotiations with Iran, stressing that it is “up to Iran” to restore its own credibility (New York Times).
     Pierre Goldschmidt argues that the IAEA must assert itself more directly by declaring Iran in noncompliance with existing agreements and enforcing its existing inspection authority. Goldschmidt also recommends expanded verification authority for the IAEA—backed by the UNSC—in cases of noncompliance (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace).
Foreign Policy | New York Times | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


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