“Turkey’s developing role in US Middle East policy”

“Turkey’s developing role in US Middle East policy”
April 7 & 16, 2009
     Steven A. Cook writes that despite US skepticism of Turkey’s developing ties with states including Iran and Syria, US and Turkish policies toward Iran remain “generally consistent.” Cook believes that Ankara seeks stable US-Iran relations and regional stability to secure supplies of Iranian natural gas, adding that Ankara demonstrated its diplomatic usefulness by sponsoring indirect talks between Israel and Syria in 2008. Recent tensions between Israel and Turkey may be improved should Jerusalem choose to deal with Syria through Turkish mediation (Council on Foreign Relations).
     Mustafa El-Labbad agrees that Ankaran can help advance US interests in the Middle East, referring to Turkey as a potential “joker” card for the US. El-Labbad believes the US will work to counterbalance Tehran’s regional power by enabling Turkish influence in northern Iraq and pushing for Israel-Syria talks to separate Damascus from Tehran (Al-Ahram Weekly).
Council on Foreign Relations | Al-Ahram Weekly


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